Advanced Corporate Finance - Prague

Financial Analysis, Modeling and Business Valuation

This program is delivered in partnership with
Anglo-American University in Prague (AAU).

OPEN – 15 seats available *

Spring 2019 @ Anglo-American University, Prague, Czech Republic

The course is held on Friday, Saturday and Sunday from 9.00 am to 5.00 pm


  • 3-day intensive practical training course
  • Concentration upon the advanced concepts, methods and techniques used in modern Corporate Finance – complex integrated financial analysis, financial modeling of corporate financial statements and business valuation
  • Participants gain full understanding about corporate finance and among other learn about the comprehensive financial ratios and practical approaches when calculating cost of capital, company's fundamentally driven growth rate and optimal capital structure, as well as how to use Excel and Solver add-in when analyzing and valuing different type of firms.
  • Emphasize on the practical aspects through examples, real life case studies and complete illustrative models in Excel


Ivaylo Nenov, MSc

Ivaylo Nenov has over 16 years experience on international capital markets, asset and risk management, analysis and valuation of different asset classes, advanced financial modeling and management of investment portfolios.

Since 2011, Ivaylo has been living in London and working consecutively for two of the top tier investment banks in the area of strategic risk management. Prior to that, he worked as a Senior Market Risk Manager for one of the leading global financial institutions in London, managing multi-billion fixed income portfolios. In his previous roles, he worked as a Portfolio manager for two Asset Management Companies, both based in Sofia, Bulgaria. In the period 2006-2009 Ivaylo lived in USA and worked as a Quantitative analyst for two Chicago-based hedge funds - Breakwater Capital LLC and International Trading Group / DE Trading Corp. Prior to pursuing his US professional career and education, Ivaylo gained experience as Senior Financial Analyst at a big industrial company, Senior Financial Consultant at a financial consulting boutique, and Finance Team Manager at a leading financial advisory firm.

Ivaylo Nenov has a Masters of Science in Financial Engineering from Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA and a Masters in Economics and Finance from Academy of Economics, Bulgaria. Ivaylo has passed CFA level III and presently develops testing materials for Allen Resources for CFA levels I, II and III.

* Live training with Ivaylo Nenov

What you will learn

  • Corporate Financial Analysis
    • Tools, techniques, models and approaches
    • Commonly used financial ratios for evaluating efficiency, liquidity, solvency, profitability and integrated financial systems (DuPont) – calculation, interpretation and examples
    • Various ratios based on market price
    • Application of financial analysis – evaluating past financial performance, projecting future financial performance (fundamental business growth rate)
  • Financial Statements Modeling using Excel and Solver add-in
    • Cash and debt as a plug variable in the model
    • Projecting Balance, Income Statement and Cash flow Statement
    • Incorporating a Target Debt/Equity Ratio into a Pro Forma
    • Project Finance: Debt Repayment Schedules
    • Monte Carlo Simulation in Excel and Sensitivity analysis
    • Optimization of Capital Structure to Maximize Shareholder Value
  • Investment Analysis: Business valuation and LBO
    • Discounted Cash Flow Models (DCF)
      - Projecting FCFF and growth rates
      - Calculating and analyzing cost of capital (equity, debt, leverage, CAPM, WACC)
      - Determining Terminal Value and Final valuation
    • Financial Value Driver Approach (FVDA) for advanced comprehensive, consistent and economically sound financial modelling and valuation
    • - Implementation and Balance Sheet transformations (ROC -> WACC)
      - ROC as a function of operating margins and capital turnover
      - Consistent projection of Sales and Invested capital (CapEx and Working capital)
      - FCFF as a function of ROC and Invested capital
    • Monte Carlo Free Cash Flow to the Firm (MC-FCFF) Model
    • Leverage Buyout (LBO) Models
    • Optional: Valuation using Comparable Companies Analysis

The training seminar will be of interest to

  • Finance industry professionals who need to value and analyze different companies and investment opportunities at their workplace
  • Company executives involved in: 1) business development and acquisition work, and 2) asset management and analysis of different investment opportunities
  • Other professionals who wish to gain insight into the corporate finance on advanced level

The program is useful to the following positions

  • Financial and Business Analysts
  • Commercial and Investment Bankers
  • Portfolio and Fund Managers
  • Credit and Loan Officers
  • Corporate Development Managers and Advisors
  • Management Consultants, Accountants and Lawyers
  • Students or recent graduates

* Seats are limited to 18 and sold “first come – first served”.