Advanced Corporate Finance - London

Financial Analysis, Modeling and Business Valuation

OPEN – 16 seats available *

Spring 2019 @ University of Westminster (309 Regent Street, London W1B 2HW, UK) **

The course is held on 3 consecutive weekends (Saturday and Sunday), from 9:00 am to 1:00 pm


-> 6-day intensive practical training course

-> Concentration upon the advanced concepts, methods and techniques used in modern Corporate Finance – complex integrated financial analysis, financial modeling of corporate financial statements and business valuation

-> Participants gain full understanding about corporate finance and among other learn about the comprehensive financial ratios and practical approaches when calculating cost of capital, company's fundamentally driven growth rate and optimal capital structure, as well as how to use Excel and Solver add-in when analyzing and valuing different type of firms.

-> Emphasize on the practical aspects through examples, real life case studies and complete illustrative models in Excel

Brief course agenda

  • Corporate Financial Analysis
    • Commonly used financial ratios for evaluating efficiency, liquidity, solvency, profitability and integrated financial systems (DuPont), market-based ratios – calculation, interpretation and examples
    • Case study: practical application of financial analysis – evaluating past financial performance, projecting future financial performance (fundamental business growth rate)
  • Integrated Financial Statements Modeling using Excel and Solver add-in
    • Projecting Balance, Income Statement and Cash flow Statement
    • Determining fundamental growth potential
    • In-class development: comprehensive financial model incorporating fundamental growth potential
    • Practical guide: setting up Monte Carlo Simulation in Excel
  • Investment Analysis: Business valuation
    • Discounted Cash Flow Models (DCF)
      [ Projecting FCFF and growth rates; Calculating and analyzing cost of capital (CAPM, WACC); Determining Terminal Value and Final valuation ]
    • Case study: Business valuation - step by step exercise covering complete valuation of a company

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Ivaylo Nenov, MSc

16+ years experience on international capital markets, asset and risk management, analysis and valuation of different asset classes, advanced financial modeling and management of investment portfolios.

  • Experience at two top tier investment banks in UK in the area of strategic risk management (since 2011)
  • Sr Market Risk Manager for one of the leading global financial institutions in London managing multi-billion fixed income portfolios (2010)
  • Quantitative analyst for two Chicago-based hedge funds (2006-2009)
  • Additional : Sr Financial Analyst (big industrial company), Sr Financial Consultant (financial consulting boutique), Finance Team Manager (leading financial advisory firm)


  • Passed CFA level III and currently develops testing materials for Allen Resources for CFA levels I, II and III
  • MSc in Financial Engineering - Illinois Institute of Technology, Chicago, USA
  • Masters in Economics and Finance from Academy of Economics, Bulgaria, EU

The training is extremely useful and of great benefit for

  • Finance industry professionals who need to value and analyze different companies and investment opportunities at their workplace
  • Company executives involved in: 1) business development and acquisition work, and 2) asset management and analysis of different investment opportunities
  • Other professionals who wish to gain insight into the corporate finance on advanced level, students or recent graduates

* Seats are limited to 20 and sold “first come – first served”.



** The advertised event is not part of the normal activities of the University of Westminster and its name is used simply as a means of identifying the location where the event is held. The University is in no way connected with MBAcademy and has not sanctioned or approved MBAcademy or the content of any course or materials which it offers.