Leadership and strategic development consultant is coming to Bulgaria

November 03, 2009 | 15:00

Steven Stromp, an experienced American trainer and consultant, is visiting Bulgaria on November 23-27 to teach a 5-day seminar on “International business & Managerial leadership”.

We are interviewing Teodor Georgiev from MBAcademy who is organizing this training event.

Q: Can you tell us more about the seminar trainer and how his experience relates to Bulgaria?

Steven Stromp is professional with over 15 years of experience as consultant and trainer in the field of managerial leadership, organizational development, international sales, marketing and advertising.

Throughout his career, he has created long lasting relationships with various companies and managers from CEE, Russia, USA and Costa Rica.  He has taught courses and seminars at University of Phoenix, Columbia College, DePaul University and most recently the University of Nebraska at Omaha – the hometown of the famous financial guru Warren Buffet.

Steven Stromp is a former Country Director and Program Dean at City University in Sofia, Bulgaria.  He has a very good overview of the Bulgarian companies and managers as he lived in Bulgaria for five years and is still in contact with his good friends here.

Q: What is his expertise in?

Steven is a certificated consultant in leadership, strategic management and corporate development.  He has taught seminars and advised companies on issues such as: Managerial Leadership, Global Market Strategies, Critical Thinking for Decision Makers, Market Entry Strategy, International Business, Business Ethics, and others.   

Q: What is the seminar structure and topics?

The seminar covers three main topics – 1) International business, 2) Managerial Leadership and 3) Leading Today’s Professionals.  The International business topic comprises of “Global business ethics” and “Servicing global clients” – issues of extreme importance for Bulgarian firms and managers.

Q: Why are these seminar topics relevant to the current moment?

The topics what will be addressed during the seminar are highly relevant, especially in times of global economic and financial crisis, when it is important to know how to keep your clients, to motivate your team, to be ethical company and at the same time to look for new market niches.  In short – to know how you and your company to be leaders in everything you do.

Q: What is the seminar useful?

It could be considered as a “short version” or a mini-MBA program.  The knowledge that participants will gain are the core of a Master degree in Management – how to be successful leaders and managers, how to become the leading manager not only in their company, but also in their industry and country-wide.

For 5 days (30 hours) the managers will receive essential and important knowledge which otherwise would cost them much more money and time, comparing to an MBA program for example.

Q: What professionals is this seminar intended for?

It is suitable for people on management positions who want to acquire knowledge of how to lead their team successfully.  Most of the delegates are corporate CEOs, department and division managers, company owners, entrepreneurs, team leaders and consultants.

The seminar would be also useful to professionals who work with corporate clients and for those responsible for development of company’s human resources.

Q: Why is this seminar necessary for managers?

The seminar delegates will be taught how their company can successfully enter a new market, how to run a business ethical and socially responsible company, how to create loyal clients.  They will be presented different management strategies to improve team performance and productivity, strategies for effective leadership and management of the company, how to lead change within the organization.  The managers will learn how to create a “Leadership Action Plan” and how to monitor its implementation and execution.

Q: In your opinion are professional training courses necessary for senior managers? If yes, at which moment of their career they should attend such?

The University education of Bulgarian managers gives them the good initial theoretical grounds they need.  But if one wants to be ahead of the competition, he/she must be informed of the latest trends and keep up with them.  Corporate managers or company owners should constantly look for new information.  Seminars like the ones we organize are the perfect place for learning new things, exchange of ideas or making contacts with other managers and entrepreneurs.  Continued participation in such events would only benefit the professionals at senior management positions.

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