Albeit slowly but a stable middle class is being formed in Bulgaria

November 13, 2009 | 09:22

In Bulgaria, although at a slow pace, a stable middle class is forming laying the ground for stable political and economic system.  People have good language skills and knowledge, and the business environment i

s exceptional, the American management trainer Steven Stromp commented for

“Bulgaria should focus on several industries that would develop its competitive advantages” added Stromp.

According to him “the Bulgarians are very creative and have learned to adapt to the dominant power in the region.  To serve the interest of citizens in comparison to the personal interest is the biggest challenge in the Bulgarian economy in the 21st century”.

The right way of doing modern business is through transparency and accountability.  Countries that have applied these characteristics in their economies have laid stable grounds for overcoming the bad economic times and to profit during the good times.  Example for such would be Norway and Denmark.

Stromp thinks that “in order to be competitive, the Bulgarian managers rely more on force and the power of their position”.  Asked if he finds the local managers to be successful, he answered: “If successful means to do the job well, on time and within the frame of the preliminary budget, then they are”.

Managers and companies should focus on talent development, to manage in short-term while making plans in long-term.  Employees will respond warmly if the company’s management is transparent, loyal and entrepreneurial to its staff”, added Stromp.

According to the trainer, “in crisis times it is important people to be disciplined when making investments regardless of whether buying a real estate or allocating money into an investment portfolio.”.

Steven Stromp is coming in Bulgaria to lead a seminar on “International business & Managerial leadership” organized by MBAcademy with as media partner of the event.

Stromp has experience working for companies such as IBM Slovakia, Lukoil Bulgaria, InBev Bulgaria and Brazil, KPMG Slovakia, Columbia College Chicago, Accenture, AmCham Slovakia, AmCham Bulgaria, and Delaware North Corp etc.

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