The golf course as a place for business meetings

May 13, 2011

The practice shows that more relaxed and productive setting is achieved when the game is part of the business meeting which is achieved in over 85% of the cases

The golf game can form trust and can be successful option for business meetings, said Steven Stromp in an interview for BTA.  

The American is one of the speakers at a unique training course taking place in May at the golf resort in Pravets.  The agenda offers parallel golf training and managerial leadership seminar, co-organized by MBAcademy.

Stromp was asked to share his views on golf and making business and how the two relate to each other.

According to him the market situation requires the manager to stay focused and agile, as the professional golfer is.  As the player must meet the challenge of the changing position of the holes, the wind, the sun and the trees on the field, in the same manner the manager has to adapt constantly to the changes and to the teams he is managing all on the background of the global market conditions, said Stromp.

The etiquette golfers and businessmen to observe not only the rules, but also to take responsibility to community, employees and customers, added Stromp.  Players are as all other athletes, but the ethical code of the professional golfer would not allow victory in unfair way, breaking the rules, even if no one would notice, thinks the economist.

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