The trainings are designed to give delegates excellent theoretical grounds and at the same time provide them with practical knowledge that can be applied immediately at their workplaces. This unique mix between theory and practical know-how is delivered by highly skilled trainers with internationally recognized education and experience.

Open trainings

Seminars and courses open to the public and anybody can register and attend. Usually 2-4 days long and held at top convention or training centers.

In-house trainings

Custom-made programs delivered for the exclusive benefit of the client’s staff. Typically held at the client’s own premises or another location selected by the client.

Individual trainings

Exclusive programs made to answer individual needs. They are offered at all educational levels – from introductory courses to advanced workshops.

Commercial banking

Commercial banking serves the needs of individual and corporate clients (from small and medium enterprises to large global companies).

Commercial banking professionals deal with deposit accounts (checking, savings, term deposits, etc) and structure personal and business loans for their clients.

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Corporate Finance

Corporate finance deals with activities and decisions that companies make and the analysis, tools and techniques used to make these decisions, with the main goal to maximize shareholders’ value. Corporate finance is regularly associated with investment banking – the main role of the latter is to evaluate the company's financial needs and to raise the appropriate type of capital that best fits those needs.

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Investment Management

Investment management deals with the professional management of securities and real assets (shares, bonds, commodities, derivatives, real estate, etc). The main target is to meet the investment goals of the investors, who may be private individuals or institutions such as corporations, pension funds, insurance companies, charities, etc.

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General Management

General management is about how a company reaches excellent results and sustains successful. It is about the managers’ skills and knowledge for bringing together people to accomplish the desired goals through efficient and effective use of the available resources.

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