Basic Banking Training

The seminar introduces the foundation of the banking system and provides details about the most important activities of a commercial bank. Other functions of the banks are also presented making this training an important and useful for many banking industry beginners as it teaches the theory needed combined with the best banking practice.

What you will learn

  • Money and banks – importance, structure, functions, responsibilities
  • Deposits and related services – interest and deposit policy, liquidity planning, custody, insurance on deposits
  • Loans and collateral – credibility and solvency, credit ratings, warranties, monitoring
  • Securities trading – investment criteria, risks, taxation, trading, derivatives and innovative financial instruments
  • Asset and investment management – investment policy and asset allocation, risk analysis, investment advisory, legal framework
  • Payments and e-commerce
  • Leasing contracts and financing
  • European monetary policy and functions of European Central Bank and national EU banks

Who should attend

  • Entry level bank employees and trainees
  • Front office staff
  • Tellers and cashiers
  • Bank accountants
  • Professionals looking to acquire practical knowledge about all banking activities and transactions
  • Students or recent graduates seeking career in the banking field