Advanced Corporate Finance

The seminar concentrates upon the advanced methods and techniques used in Corporate Finance – financial analysis, business valuation and modeling of corporate financial statements. The participants will learn more about the different ratios and approaches when calculating cost of capital and company growth rate, as well as how to use Excel and Solver add-in when analyzing different type of firms.

What you will learn

  • Financial analysis models and approaches
  • Various ratios based on market price
  • Calculating and analyzing cost of capital – equity, debt, leverage, CAPM, WACC, preferred stocks
  • Calculating and analyzing company growth rate
  • Financial statement modeling (using Excel and Solver add-in)
  • Business valuation methods
  • Application of Option Pricing Model in valuing real business options

Who should attend

This program will be of interest to finance industry professionals who need to value and analyze different companies and investment opportunities at their work place, as well as company executives involved in business development, acquisition work, asset management and analysis of different investment opportunities, as well as other professionals who wish to gain insight into the corporate finance on advanced level, such as:

  • Credit & Loan Officers
  • Commercial & Investment Bankers
  • Portfolio & Fund Managers
  • Financial & Business Analysts
  • Management Consultants
  • Investment Advisors
  • Students or recent graduates seeking career in the finance industry
  • Accountants and Lawyers