The market dynamics require the companies to develop innovations at an increasing fast pace. In a relatively short period, innovations turn from source of competitive advantages into a mandatory requirement for the organization in order to survive in these highly competitive times.

With the use of proven strategic models and operating processes, the participants learn more about workable ways for building a profitable organization based on the innovations. The instructor also present solutions to classic problems in the development process of innovations.

The seminar discusses ways for creation, development and successful market introduction of innovative products and services. All major models and approaches will be supported with relevant examples from the global industry.

What you will learn

  • Business and Technologies of Innovations - strategies for development and use of key technologies and its marketing, technological portfolio and balance, imposing technological standards
  • Innovations – level of innovations, transfer of innovations, prerequisites for successful innovations.
  • Creating innovations – processes, identification, generation, evaluation and testing of innovations; optimal marketing mix based on innovations.
  • Applying innovations – Innovative cost, establishing management system, implementation of innovations into the organizational structure (processes vs. projects); innovation networks; problems and solutions.
  • Strategic aspects of innovations – different business models, difficulties of leading companies, the model “pioneer- imitator”.
  • Operating aspects of the innovations – acceleration of the innovations, motivation towards employees’ creativity, problems of “excessive” innovations; discussing problems from the participants’ experience and practice.

Who should attend

The seminar is intended for anybody who is interested in learning more about the development and successful implementation of Innovations within the company or the investee

  • Business development managers
  • Team leaders
  • Corporate managers
  • Company owners
  • Head of departments
  • Investors
  • Entrepreneurs and others