Technical Analysis of capital markets

The training course examines the technical analysis system used by the instructor, by presenting the most powerful tools for forecasting stock and currency markets. It covers also the application of chart patterns, technical indicators and the wave theory in defining the trend on the stock and forex markets and the points where the trend may turn. The course ends with a real-time practical exercise.

What you will learn

  • What is technical analysis and why it is the most powerful tool for analysis? Dynamic technical analysis system.
  • Chart Pattern Recognition. System of technical indicators.
  • Calculating correction and projection price levels.
  • Using the wave theory as a forecasting tool.
  • Building a comprehensive system for analysis. Case studies
  • Real-time exercises: forecasting selected markets: major currencies, individual stocks and stock indices.

Who should attend

  • Analysts, brokers and dealers working in the field of currency and capital markets
  • Individual investors
  • Portfolio managers
  • Treasury and risk professionals
  • Professionals and students with interest in the trading and investing in currency and capital markets